Disk storage market shows strong growth in Q3

Post by Michael Kan (thank you)

Disk storage sales grew more strongly in the third quarter, helped by sales of non-branded storage gear sold directly to datacenters.

Third-quarter disk storage sales jumped 5.1 percent year over year, reaching $8.8 billion, according to research firm IDC. This was a change from the anemic growth the market saw earlier this year, brought on by falling demand in mature markets.

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NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL – A Triumph of Marketing Over Common Sense

Good post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

I suspect I wasn’t the only one last week who was scratching his head at the latest idea from NetApp which sees them offering a VMware EVO: RAIL solution that incorporates Data ONTAP filer technology.  In case that last statement is unclear to you, yes, NetApp are suggesting that EVO: RAIL, the solution that uses VSAN and commodity disk to specifically remove the need for a dedicated shared storage array, actually should be packaged with one.

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Synology DiskStation DS1515+ Review

Post by Tucker Mindrum (thank you)

Synology’s new DiskStation DS1515+ is a 5-bay NAS that houses up to 30TB of raw storage, a quad-core 2.4GHz CPU, and up to 6GB RAM (with upgrade). It was designed for demanding use-cases and serves reported transfer speeds of 450MB/s and 396.5MB/s (read and write, respectively). Like many of Synology’s offerings, it also prioritizes security, providing AES-NI encryption with very little decrease in read speeds, in addition to a suite of other features. Each DS1515+ server is scalable up to 90TB (with two Synology DX513 expansion units), and multiple DiskStation servers can be consolidated through Synology’s Central Management System (CMS) for enhanced administrative efficiency. Account integration is easily done thanks to support for Windows AD, LDAP, and Domain Trust.

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Microsoft Sheds Light on Azure’s Storage Growing Pains

Post by David Davis (thank you)

Microsoft, like other cloud providers before it, has faced some growing pains on its Azure platform.  On November 19, Azure customers began experiencing performance and availability issues on the platform.  Virtual machines, websites, and Visual Studio Online were among the impacted services.

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The magic of StorMagic comes from its simplicity

Good post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

I met StorMagic a few weeks ago at Storage Field Day 6. We are talking about a company born in 2006 that is proposing a sole product called SvSAN. A VSA for VMware (and Hyper-V) environments which is very good for large distributed and remote deployments.

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FlexPod and All-Flash FAS for VMware Horizon View

Good post by vMiss (thank you) – follow her here on Twitter

My time with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI started in 2007.  We deployed VMware’s Virtual Desktop Manager for a couple of test projects, including desktops for the help desk, and desktops with admin tools for certain groups within our IT organization.  This was before linked clones existed, and we had a hard time justifying the storage costs for hosting desktops in the data center, no matter what the benefits were.  Things have certainly come a long way since then.  Now we’re working with VMware Horizon View, which is full of features like 3D graphics support, and real time audio and video.

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VMware Virtual SAN Operations: Replacing Disk Devices

Good post by Rawlinson Rivera (thank you)

In my previous Virtual SAN operations article, “VMware Virtual SAN Operations: Disk Group Management” I covered the configuration and management of the Virtual SAN disk groups, and in particular I described the recommended operating procedures for managing Virtual SAN disk groups.

In this article, I will take a similar approach and cover the recommended operating procedures for replacing flash and magnetic disk devices. In Virtual SAN, drives can be replaced for two reasons; failures, and upgrades. Regardless of the reason whenever a disk device needs to be replaced, it is important to follow the correct decommissioning procedures.

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Storage News at HP Discover

Good post by Calvin Zito (thank you)

HP Discover is underway and I’ve got a summary of the HP Storage news that we have.  It’s pretty amazing to me to see how our teams continue to innovate and while I don’t want to say this is the best announcement ever, the things we’ve done and are announcing today are very impressive.

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TAPE LIVES… virtually: SpectraLogic and Veeam twin old and new tech

Good Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Backup data source Veeam and backup data target SpectraLogic are getting into bed together, and offering combined old school tape/new school virtual server backup software.

The arrangement involves Veeam’s Availability Suite and Spectra’s T-Series tape libraries and its near-line storage nTier Verde disk arrays.

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HP 3PAR, 360° storage

Good Post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

This is the first time in a while that I won’t be attending HP Discover. It’s a pity, not only because I have the chance to get updates directly from the horse’s mouth there, but also because it is always well frequented by good bloggers and other interesting people. At the event, HP usually organizes what they call “coffee talks” and you have the chance to get briefed and also have a lot of confrontation on each single line of their business (not that I’m really interested in everything they do, but Storage, Cloud and Enterprise IT in general are all well covered). BTW, thanks to my friend Calvin Zito I got news in advance and even though I’m overseas at the moment, I want to comment on what I discovered a few days ago.

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