EMC VNX – Whats in the box

EMC announced today there new VNX and VNXe unified storage series. The systems range from a 75 disk to a 1000 disk system. This is the merge of the
Clariion- and Centerra-product lines. All system use SAS and SSD drives.

Supported file access protocols are NFS, CIFS, MPFS (Celerra Multi-Path File System), and pNFS. The block access protocols are Fibre Channel, FCoE and iSCSI, with the 5100 only supporting Fibre Channel.

Get the VNX family spec sheet here
et the VNXe series spec sheet here

The announcement of the VNXe product marks the second deployment of a new software architecture. The first product was the Celerra NX3e. The NX3e was initially shipped in October 2009 (over 15 months ago), and its delivery was limited to the Nordic region. This allowed EMC to not only validate the architecture, but also to roll out a new sales model to a limited set of distributors.

Here is a summary of the VNXe software architecture and impact:

Component Assembly Approach

The VNXe software architecture can be thought of as an asset integration framework. Consider the subset of assets from other EMC products that were integrated into VNXe:

  • Portions of the CLARiiON I/O stack
  • Portions of the Celerra I/O stack
  • Business logic from Celerra Control station
  • Management logic from the former Navisphere suite
  • EMC’s reusable GUI toolkit framework
  • the same security library already embedded in a majority of EMC’s products
  • a licensing toolkit (also an internal EMC standard)
  • the hardened LINUX distribution already shipping in multiple EMC products

Read on here (by Steven Todd)
Good blog over here from Chris Mellor (El Reg)

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