Why consider IBM Network Advisor?

Good post by Anthony Vandewerdt (thank you) on the all new IBM Network Advisor.

Many of the preventable issues that occur in a SAN fabric can be avoided by using the right management and monitoring software.   One way to get this software is to create or adapt open source packages.  While I really like the idea (and price) of roll-your-own solutions, it is not always practical.   Apart from the fact that you need to have staff with the relevant skills to do this, long-term maintenance can prove difficult when key people move on.   Unfortunately the other extreme (which is far more common) is that many shops actually do nothing at all, ending up without any overall SAN management and monitoring methodology.

An ideal off the shelf solution alternative in a Brocade SAN fabric is to use IBM Network Advisor, the successor product to Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM).   IBM Network Advisor actually has its heritage in a great product called EFCM (Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager), that Brocade picked up when they bought McData .   I loved working with EFCM and McData switches, especially the McData 6140, which was truly a great SAN director.  When Brocade purchased McData they combined EFCM with their own Fabric Manager to create DCFM.   They have since combined it with their Network switch management software to create Network Advisor,  bringing things to a whole new level.   The IBM announcement letter for this software is here.

Now the first thing you may be wondering is:  OK so this software sounds great, but how much will it cost?   The good news is that trying it out wont cost you anything.  It’s free to download and trial for 75 days.   You can find the download site here.

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