IBM V7000 and VMware SRM ? Here’s your SRA

First which version of SRM do you use ? Find out here


For 4.1 look for “IBM SVC Storage Replication Adapter” v1.20.10713 (click
“Show Detail” under Components). See here

For the SRA driver for SRM 5.0 is “IBM SAN Volume Controller Storage Replication
Adapter” v2.00.11725. See here

This paper offers detailed configuration information regarding IBM Storwize V7000 in an ESX environment with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. The purpose of this paper is to set appropriate expectations for customers with regard to high availability (HA) options and automated failover using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Get the whitepaper here

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  1. Warkem

     /  January 6, 2012

    Any ideas when there will be an SRA for SRM 4.1 or 5 compatible with the V7000 6.3 firmware? IBM advised us to upgrade to 6.3 or both our prod and DR V7000s and now the SRA cannot see any replicated pairs even though the replication looks fine on the IBM side and is consistent synchronized.

  2. Hi Joe

    Do you use the SRA 1.20.10713 (IBM SVC Storage Replication Adapter) ? If yes what is the value of the CommandTimeout in the SRM ? (Advanced Settings of the VMware SRM->Menu SAN Provider->CommandTimeout) If it’s on default (300) change it to 1800.


  3. Any update on this topic ? IBM released today a compatibility warning for 6.3 , does SRA 1.2 still work for v7k firmware 6.2 ?

  4. C Bretaud

     /  February 20, 2012

    Do you know if the IBM Guide (step by step) has been updated with vSphere 5 and SRM 5 ?

  5. karlochacon

     /  April 16, 2012

    by the way downgrading SVC and v7000 from 6.3.x to 6.2.x is a disruptive procedure? configuration and data will be alive?


    • Hi, the downgrading is a disruptive procedure. You will lose all your configuration data and your vdisks (all data are deleted !). After the downgrade the node will boot up with no cluster ID and needs a re-configuration.

      Hope this helps !



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