Big Blue preps ‘next gen’ machines that manage themselves

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

IBM is getting ready to launch a new server platform, known internally as the “Next Generation Platform” and also known by that moniker in discussions with business partners that have been briefed over several weeks.

Externally the NGP machine is being called an “expert integrated system”, and it will debut in two weeks.

The NGP machine is the first new design to come out of IBM since it merged its Software Group and Systems and Technology Group back in July 2010. There will be some bigwigs at IBM handling the NGP launch, which will take place in a webcast at 1400 Eastern on 11 April:

Your humble Reg hack is not sure what IBM means by “a new breed of systems with integrated expertise” that “leverage built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified overall experience to fundamentally change the economics of IT”. But that is what the promise is for these NGP machines.

What I can tell you is that Bob Picciano, general manager for software sales at Software Group will be participating in the launch, as will Jim Stallings, general manager of global markets for Systems and Technology Group (and the top server exec inside of IBM). David Mitchell, chief technology officer of the Teamcenter PLM software division of German industrial giant Siemens and presumably a beta customer of the NGP systems, will also be at the launch.

“We’re all interacting with customers every day, and they are telling us that one of their concerns about information technology is the amount of labour it utilises,” explains Steve Mills, general manager of Systems and Software Group at IBM, in this YouTube video preview of the announcement. “It takes a lot of people to understand it, configure systems, set them up, manage them, maintain them, the cost of changing them, and so on. So they always say to us: ‘There’s got to be a better way.'”

This NGP box is coming out of IBM’s Raleigh, North Carolina, facilities and its design is apparently being spearheaded by Steve Hunter, who was named an IBM Fellow last year and who has worked for IBM for 27 years.

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