Building a 55 TB Private Storage Cloud

Very interesting approach to build your own Storage Cloud based on the Open Storage Grid. Post by Julia Mak (thank you)

We are always trying to find innovative ways to solve problems here at Oxygen. The concept of Oxygen’s Storage Connector came about as we have been working on our platform – the Open Storage Grid.  It all started when our corporate customers asked if they could use Oxygen inside their own environment behind firewalls.

“We already have our own storage. We have our own servers. Do we really have to migrate everything? What happens when it’s in the public cloud? How secure is it?”

So we decided to create Morpheus (internal code name for our Storage Connector). The idea is simple – instead of moving everything out to the public cloud, instead of implementing other far more complicated private cloud solutions – Oxygen will enable users to leverage their own storage and have their own private storage cloud in a much simpler way.

Oxygen’s Open Storage Grid supports a powerful range of private storage from ubiquitous Windows and Linux servers to EMC enterprise storage systems. It is a unique way to manage and serve data to mobile devices and applications. Users and companies can easily plug in their storage system and devices into the Grid and get controlled access to files from anywhere.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the fun video to see how we were geeking out to build our own Backblaze Storage Pod and plugged it into the Grid with our new Storage Connector. We used the specs that Backblaze released on their storage pod 2.0 and installed the early prototype of Oxygen’s Storage connector on it. If you want to know more about some of the technical magic behind the scenes, do check out this post by Zuhaib, our operations ninja – How to make your Backblaze pod be powered by the cloud.

Warning – hope you enjoy Duran Duran because their song will possibly be stuck in your head after watching =)

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  1. Hi Roger,

    Thanks for sharing our post on your blog! Perhaps you can try it out and install Oxygen’s Storage Connectors on your own storage. We would definitely love to get your feedback and suggestions! This is only the beginning there is still a lot more to come =)

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    – Julia


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