Is solid state simply a big cache or a real storage tier? Panel discussion with Chris Evans

Solid state disks blur the boundary between cache and storage, with a foot in both camps. Can solid state drives really be treated as a new tier of storage or simply as a way to add more performance enhancing cache to existing arrays? This panel will discuss whether data should permanently reside on solid state media or whether the optimum and most cost effective solution is to simply use SSD to hold the working set of data in the array.

Moderator: Chris M Evans, “The Storage Architect”

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  1. ltgjamaica

     /  May 1, 2012

    As solid state drive prices fall and their MTBF increases they become more attractive to SAN vendors and consumers. In essence the days of SAS drives being the leading enterprise storage medium are numbered IMHO

  2. In my opinion NL-SAS will stay on a long time (together with tape) due to new technologies like HAMR or BPM. The SAS 10K/15K drives will disappear in favor of SSD IMHO.


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