IO Blazing Datastore Performance with Fusion-io

Good post by Michael Webster (thank you) – stunning numbers !

Thanks to Simon Williams (@simwilli) from Fusion-io  I’ve had the opportunity to try out a couple of the Fusion-io ioDrive2 1.2TB MLC cards over the past few weeks. I was also provided with ioTurbine software, which combined with an in guest driver acts like a massive read cache and still supports vMotion. ioTurbine’s objective is to allow you to consolidate many more systems on the same server without having to have lots of RAM assigned to act as IO cache to get acceptable performance. This article will focus on the raw IO performance when the Fusion-io IODrive2 cards are used as a datastore. I will follow up with another article on ioTurbine when used with Linux when testing high performance Oracle Databases.

Disclosure: Although Fusion-io provided the two ioDrive2 cards on loan for me to test they are not paying for this article and there is absolutely no commercial relationship between us at this time. The opinions in this article are solely mine and based on the test results from the tests I conducted.

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