The Storage CH Blog will be closed for vacation. Stay tuned ! Sala kahle ! Totsiens en sien julle binnekort !


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  1. Hi Roger,

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and I wanted to say that I think your blog is great. Your blog offers some really great details on storage virtualization, cloud computing and big data.

    We’ve taken a look through your blog and we think you’ve done a fantastic job in covering topics that our brand’s tech audience would be interested in reading. It would be great if you could join our community to feature your blog entries.

    If you would like to learn more about this, please send an email to info [at]


  2. Guillaume

     /  January 25, 2013

    Envoy Dead Vlei

  3. Hi Roger,

    Hope you have a great vacation!

    I’m reaching out to you from Atomic Reach a content marketing platform that connects bloggers with brands looking for high-quality content. I see Tina has already reached out to you. I am contacting you about an opportunity to be featured on a brand site. We are building a community of experts generating conversations on big data, cloud computing and storage virtualization. We want readers to become more educated/engage with your content and be directed to your blog for the full article. This way, you’ll get traffic and new readers!

    When you return, and if you are interested or want more details, send me an email at


    Annette Wong


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