IBM Storage Integration Server, Version 1.1.0


The IBM Storage Integration Server provides a single server back-end that enables centralized management of IBM storage resources for the use of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) platforms and frameworks. Version 1.1.0 of IBM Storage Integration Server includes the following: IBM Storage Enhancements for VMware vSphere Web Client v1.1.0 (VWC) – enable VMware administrators to independently and centrally view details of IBM storage resources and self-provision LUNs from pre-delegated storage resources. VWC supports the following IBM Storage Systems: XIV, DS8000 and Storwize family. IBM Storage Provider for VMware VASA v1.1.7 (VP) – improved ability to monitor and automate storage operations on VMware platforms. By leveraging IBM Storage Integration Server, the VP provides a standard interface for all connected VMware vCenter Servers and IBM Storage Systems. This release of VP adds support for the Storwize family (block only) to the existing XIV support.

Get the Package here and see the Release Notes here

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