IBM Network Advisor V12.1 delivers enhancements to support the Gen5 Fabric Vision capability


IBM® Network Advisor V12.1 is a feature release delivering the following enhancements and new SAN management features:

  • Improved visibility and insight into the SAN fabric through integration with Fabric Vision technology, including Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS) and Flow Vision
  • Dashboard enhancements designed to help support MAPS and Flow Vision
  • Customizable health and performance dashboard views to pinpoint problems faster, simplify SAN configuration and management, and reduce operational costs

IBM Network Advisor V12.1 is a software management platform that unifies network management for SANs. It is designed to deliver a consistent user interface, proactive performance analysis, and troubleshooting capabilities across installations.

Highlights of the IBM Network Advisor V12.1 include:

  • MAPS
  • Flow Vision
  • Enhanced dashboards that are unique to MAPS and Flow Vision
  • Single-dialog bulk configuration
  • Policy Monitor management
  • Top Talkers
  • ClearLink Diagnostics

See more details here

Planned Availability : 13. December 2013

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