IBM System Storage offers advanced SAN features and connectivity options for b-type SAN switches and directors


The IBM® System Storage® b-type Gen 5 16 Gbps and 8 Gbps directors and switches are being expanded with the following advanced functions:

  • Fabric Vision technology, an advanced storage area networking hardware and software solution that helps maximize uptime, dramatically simplify SAN deployment and management, and provide increased levels of visibility and insight into the storage network.
  • Fabric Vision capabilities (ClearLink diagnostics, Bottleneck detection, Forward Error Correction, and Credit Loss Recovery) are included in the base Fabric OS (FOS) 7.2, and later. The Fabric Vision feature is a collection of breakthrough features and tools (Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS), Flow Vision, and Dashboard) bundled into an optional licensed feature.
  • New Enterprise Bundles include Fabric Vision license
  • 16 Gbps 25 Km Extended long-distance transceiver for providing longwave Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP+) feature, capable of a distance of 25 km over multimode fiber with optical monitoring capabilities.

The IBM System Storage b-type 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) switches and directors are the purpose-built network infrastructure for storage, delivering unmatched reliability and simplicity with 16 Gbps performance. Fabric Vision technology, an extension of Gen 5 FC, provides hardware and software diagnostic, monitoring, and management solutions for high-density server virtualization, cloud architectures, and next-generation storage deployments. The highlights of Fabric Vision technology are:

  • Helps storage administrators avoid problems, maximize performance, and reduce costs through innovative diagnostic, monitoring, and management capabilities
  • Provides comprehensive visibility into flows in the fabric, including automatic flow discovery and nondisruptive monitoring of flow performance
  • Identifies congestion and abnormal levels of latency in the fabric instantly, including the equipment impacted by bottlenecks
  • Automates the deployment of threshold-based rules and policies for proactive monitoring and management, helping to reduce operational costs
  • Validates the health, reliability, and performance of the network prior to and after deployment, helping to reduce downtime risk
  • Shows the overall health of the SAN through a customizable dashboard, pinpointing problems faster and enabling trend analysis
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate the need for third-party monitoring, diagnostics, and test equipment through built-in flow monitoring, flow mirroring, and flow generator capabilities

Fabric Vision functionality is also available on the 8 Gbps platform when installed with FOS 7.2, and later.

The optional Fabric Vision license includes support for the new MAPS and Flow Vision features, along with enabling ClearLink (D_Port) functionality for Gen 5 FC platforms when connected to non-b-type devices. New Enterprise Bundle features on the b-type switches include Fabric Vision.

The IBM System Storage b-type 16 Gbps Gen 5 directors and switches now offer a 16 Gbps 25 km Extended Longwave (ELW) SFP+ transceiver feature which helps to increase performance and provides additional configuration options.

Planned Availability : 13.December 2013

See more details here

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