V7.2 Configuration Limits and Restrictions for IBM Storwize V5000


Preventive Service Planning


This document lists the configuration limits and restrictions specific to IBM Storwize V5000 software version 7.2


Clustered Systems

A Storwize V5000 system at version 7.2 and higher requires either native Fibre Channel SAN or Fibre Channel over Ethernet ( FCoE ) connectivity for communication between all nodes in the local cluster.

Where only Fibre Channel over Ethernet ( FCoE ) is used for creating a clustered system support is available only for a specific set of FCoE capable switches. Please refer to the notes column of the switch tables on the V7.2.x Supported Hardware List, Device Driver, Firmware and Recommended Software Levels for Storwize V5000 or the notes section of the supported switch types in SSIC for detail of supported switch models for FCoE Clustering.

For FCoE capable switches that are not listed as supported for FCoE Clustering, the switches can be used to optionally create a separate zone to provide additional redundancy for intra-cluster communications, however, Fibre Channel SAN connectivity is still required.

Partnerships between systems for Metro Mirror or Global Mirror replication can be used with both Fibre Channel and FCoE connectivity, however direct FCoE links are only supported to a maximum of 300 metres. Distances greater than 300 metres are only supported when using an FCiP link or Fibre Channel between source and target.

See the full document here
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