Hardware withdrawal: IBM EXP395 Expansion Unit – Replacements available


Effective March 22, 2014, IBM® will withdraw from marketing the EXP395 Expansion Unit.

Refer to the Withdrawn products section for more details.

On or after the effective date of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM.

For new orders, the customer requested arrival date (CRAD) for delivery to India can be no later than April 25, 2014. You can obtain the products on an as-available basis through IBM Business Partners and IBM Personal Computer Distributors.

If you have a continuing need for this machine/model type, visit the IBM Certified Used website to check on availability or utilize request a quote to communicate your specific requirements. IBM Certified Used Equipment™ has the largest inventory of used IBM systems that are refurbished, tested, and warranted for a minimum of 90 days.

Withdrawn product           Replacement product

1814-92A EXP395 (181492H)   IBM Storwize® V3700 Expansion Enclosure,
                            MT: 2072 Models: 12E, 24E

See more details here

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