V7.2.0.0 – IBM Flex System V7000 Code

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The document below contains code downloads for IBM Flex System V7000 V7.2.0.0 (English)

Download Description

V7.2.0.0 is not supported on Flex System V7000 systems using iSCSI or Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) as this may lead to a loss of connectivity.

This restriction will be lifted in a future V7.2.0 PTF release.

IBM Flex System V7000 release V7.2.0.0 (code level 87.0.1311291000)

It is possible to upgrade directly to V7.2.0.0 from the following code levels: English Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language English English Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language

If you are unsure about which version to use for your system, consult your IBM or IBM Business Partner representative.

Please refer to the System Storage Interoperability Center (SSIC) for the interoperability matrix:

We also recommend you refer to the following documents before upgrading: 

To avoid potential problems, any exceptions to supported interoperability MUST be requested via an approved RPQ (SCORE) agreement. Please contact your IBM representative or authorized IBM Business Partner to request support. 

Please ensure you have read the release note and are familiar with the following Flash Announcements before upgrading: 

Global Mirror Relationships Must Be Stopped When Upgrading to V7.2.0
Moving Volumes to Another I/O Group Without Stopping Host Activity is Not Supported for All Operating Systems
Software Upgrade Test Utility
If a Code Upgrade Stalls or Fails then Contact IBM Support for Further Assistance
Intra-Cluster Global Mirror Not Supported

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