IBM AIX MPIO: Best practices and considerations


Very good document by Shannon Moore and Gary Domrow (thank you)

IBM Power Systems™ servers are designed to offer very high stand-alone availability in the industry. Enterprises must occasionally restructure their infrastructure to meet new IT requirements and handle scheduled outages (such as scheduled system maintenance).

MPIO best practices have never been officially documented. There have been some documents and IBM Redbooks® that have briefly mentioned certain MPIO aspects for specific scenarios and environments, but recommendations pertaining to MPIO configurations, in general, have been lacking.

System reliability and availability are increased by a careful consideration of the user-modifiable options in each system configuration. This article outlines the best practice configuration considerations that pertain to MPIO on AIX.

Some of the features described in this article are specific to particular technology levels of AIX, or are specific to the path control module (PCM) supplied with AIX. If using Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module (SDDPCM) or a vendor-supplied Object Data Manager (ODM) package (often referred to as a host attachment kit, or something similar), then some of these options might be unavailable, and other options can be added.

Get the Document here

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