IBM FlashSystem V840 helps accelerate your business with dynamic capacity and protection


IBM FlashSystem™ V840 provides both MicroLatency™ storage performance and advanced enterprise features in a compact 6U rack mount design.

IBM FlashSystem V840 Storage System hardware consists of:

  • Two FlashSystem™ V840 Control Enclosures with 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) host ports
  • One FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosure with support for up to twelve 2 TB or 4 TB flash capacity modules

FlashSystem V840 functional capabilities are provided through IBM FlashSystem V840 Software V7 for FlashSystem V840, including:

  • Rich set of standard functions, with virtualized FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosures, FlashCopy®, thin provisioning, data migration, and intuitive, web-based GUI
  • Optional functions such as Real-time Compression™, remote mirroring, and external storage virtualization

IBM FlashSystem V840 is the newest addition to the FlashSystem family of storage systems. Leveraging IBM® Storwize® family functions, management tools, and interoperability, FlashSystem V840 combines the extreme performance of the unique FlashSystem architecture with the advanced functions of software-defined storage to deliver performance, efficiency, and functionality that meets the needs of enterprise workloads demanding MicroLatency response times.

FlashSystem V840 Storage System features two FlashSystem V840 Control Enclosures and one FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosure, all inside a standard 19-inch rack mount enclosures. 8 Gb Fibre Channel host attachment support is standard on all machines. A FlashSystem V840 system scales up to twelve flash modules and is available in the following models:

  • FlashSystem V840 Control Enclosure (9846-AC0 or 9848-AC0)
  • FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosure (9846-AE1 or 9848-AE1)

FlashSystem Storage Enclosure supports up to twelve flash modules. Flash modules are offered with 2 TB or 4 TB capacities. All flash modules within a FlashSystem Storage Enclosure must have the same capacity.

FlashSystem V840 systems are available with either one-year or three-year warranties, so clients can select the warranty period that best addresses their business and financial needs. The warranty period is specified during the order process:

  • Models ordered using machine type 9846 have a one-year warranty
  • Models ordered using machine type 9848 have a three-year warranty

The models offered under both machine types are functionally identical.

FlashSystem V840 data services are provided through IBM FlashSystem V840 Software V7 for FlashSystem V840 and include:

  • Virtualization of FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosures to enable rapid, flexible provisioning and simple configuration changes
  • FlashCopy for creating instant copies of data for backup or application testing
  • Thin provisioning for improved storage utilization
  • One-way data migration to easily move data onto FlashSystem V840
  • Innovative GUI management capabilities
  • Extensive interoperability with support for most major server platforms and operating systems

FlashSystem V840 software also offers a rich set of optional features:

  • Real-time Compression of data enables up to five times as much data storage in the same physical space, depending on the type of data stored
  • Remote mirroring for data replication between systems at different locations through Metro Mirror and Global Mirror functions
  • Virtualization of external storage for improvements in administrator productivity and utilization of existing storage assets

Planned Availability : 7. March 2014 (Russia 11. April 2014)

See more details here

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