IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 Series Best Practices – Flash Copy for Disaster Recovery Testing


With the TS7700 release 3.1 code, concurrent disaster recovery testing is improved with the Flash Copy for Disaster Recovery Testing function. This enables a Disaster Recovery host to perform testing against a point in time consistency snapshot while production operations and replication continues. With Flash Copy, production data continues to replicate during the entire DR test and the same logical volume can be mounted at the same time by a DR host and a production host. Used in conjunction with Selective Write Protect for DR testing, DR test volumes can be written to and read from while production volumes are protected from modification by the DR host. All access by a DR host to write protected production volumes will be provided via a snapshot in time, or flash, of the logical volumes. In addition, a DR host will continue to have read access to production original content that has since been returned to scratch.

Get the Document here

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