Select IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 model feature aligns shipping and handling with industry practice


IBM® System Storage® chargeable shipping and handling (S&H) feature number for select IBM XIV® Storage System Gen3 products is now available to align with industry practice.

Storage products with individual machine type and model numbers will be affected. These include many, but not all, storage and networking products.

The S&H feature number is structured as a hardware feature number in the ordering system. This hardware feature number is treated like a normal hardware feature number, and can be eligible for standard hardware discounts as would be offered for any other hardware feature number.

There is only one priced S&H feature number for each Storage machine type and model, therefore there is only one S&H price for each offering. This means that there is one price for shipping that machine type and model, regardless of how large or small the configurated shipment may be. The price on the S&H feature number will remain the same whether the offering will be shipped a short distance or a great distance, regardless of a higher cost of shipping to IBM.

Note: Expedited shipping remains a separate charge and is not implemented with a hardware feature number.

A no-charge S&H feature number can be substituted for the chargeable S&H feature number on selected products.

All new proposals for these select machine types and models scheduled to ship on or after February 25, 2014, will include a S&H feature number.

Planned Availability : 25. February 2014

See more details here

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