IBM PowerVM Enhancements What is new in 2013

rb170x32 – DRAFT – Last Update : 17. February 2014

IBM PowerVM Enhancements What is new in 2013

IBM Power Systems servers coupled with PowerVM technology are designed to help clients build a dynamic infrastructure, helping to reduce costs, manage risk, and improve service levels.

IBM PowerVM delivers industrial-strength virtualization for IBM AIX,IBM i, and Linux environments on IBM POWER processor-based systems. IBM PowerVM V2.2.3 has been enhanced to keep leading the path into cloud computing environments. Through the chapters of this IBM® RedpaperRedbooks® publication you will learn about:

  • New management and performance tuning software products for PowerVM® solutions. Virtual I/O Server Performance Advisor has been enhanced to provide support for NPIV and Fibre Channel, Virtual Networking and Shared Ethernet Adapter, and Shared Storage Pool configurations. IBM Power Virtualization Performance is introduced as a new visual performance monitoring tool for Power Systems servers
  • New enterprise features, for high end Power Systems™ servers. Now you can share processor and memory activations among a group of physical servers with Mobile Capacity Upgrade on Demand activation codes
  • The scalability, reliability and performance enhancements introduced with the latest versions of the Virtual I/O Server, IBM PowerVM Live Partition Mobility and the Hardware Management Console. As an example this book goes through the Shared Storage Pools improvements that include mirroring of the storage pool, dynamic contraction of the storage pool, dynamic disk growth within the storage pool, and scaling improvements.

This IBM RedpaperRedbooks publication is intended for experienced IBM PowerVM users wanting to enable 2013 IBM PowerVM virtualization enhancements for Power Systems and enabling the path to..

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