Maximize Your IT With All-Flash Storage

In business today, speed matters, and there’s no doubt that flash storage is faster than traditional disk-bound alterna- tives. But whether you should move to an all-flash storage solution is a complex business decision that depends on more than just speed. It requires a close look at your evolving business needs and demands, as well as the perfor- mance, efficiency and economics of all-flash solutions.

In this paper, we look at the storage challenges faced by businesses today, where budgets are limited and the amount of data that must be processed and stored continues to soar. We then explore the performance, efficiency and economic benefits of all-flash systems, including the ability to deliver faster access to data, consolidate more data in less space, and reduce costs while increasing application service levels.

For many businesses, shifting to an all-flash storage solution is the right decision, not only to meet a general need for speed, but also to run their businesses better. Improvements may mean making more transactions in less time, speeding application response times, providing better service to customers, or reducing long-term storage costs. Regardless of specific business demands, all-flash solutions provide a compelling alternative, and one that can deliver competitive advantage.

Get the Paper here and the Hitachi Unified Storage VM: All Flash System Spec Sheet here

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