Flash storage: A vendor-neutral way to analyze performance

BrightTalk Webcast with Peter Murray, Senior Product Specialist, Load DynamiX on the 11.June 2014

Flash is the hottest technology in the storage industry today. But with all its touted advantages, there are some challenges – including how to effectively measure the performance benefits for your own environment.

Although flash can be expensive, most of the flash-based storage arrays implement sophisticated compression, deduplication and pattern reduction processing to minimize the amount of data written to flash memory in order to lower the cost per GB and extend the life of flash memory.

Effectively measuring the performance of flash arrays requires more than the basic freeware benchmarking tools and following the steps documented by the SNIA SSSI specification. It requires the need for specifying complex data patterns in these data reduction technologies. Measuring performance without taking these features into account could falsely overstate the performance of a flash array by a factor of 2 or more.

Attend this presentation to learn how to best validate the performance of your potential flash storage arrays in order to optimize costs and mitigate risk.

Please register here for the Webcast

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