Rant about cool new tech vs Mainframes and SPARC

Good Post by Nigel Poulton (thank you)

Attended a Blogger Briefing at Dell Enterprise Forum today. Hmmmmmm….

From the off it was obvious that Dell wanted us bloggers (all 4 of us at the entire event!) to sit watch their panel run through a scripted discussion covering topics they wanted us to hear about.  Yeah.  Pretty cheesy and obviously doomed from the start. Literally the start.  For example, the first question got me annoyed.  It went something like this (names and companies changed)

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  1. Ed English

     /  April 17, 2014

    First & foremost thanks for taking the time to participate in the round table Nigel. Ultimately our aim was to engage you and your fellow participants in a dialogue on major tech trends & bring them to life by including customers who are living with these challenges and kicking the tyres on some of the solutions to tackle same. If it felt scripted, it definitely wasn’t the intention as the only briefing with the customers was on the format we’d be using. That said your feedback is very much appreciated & I will actively take same on board to ensure we continue working the format to ensure it delivers value for all who participate in it.

    Looking forward to both seeing & hearing from you in the future.

    Ed English @ Dell


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