Of VCs and tunnels – Inside the SAN06B-R

Good Post by Sebastian Thaele (thank you)

I don’t always write technical blog posts. But when I do I make them long and the conclusion contains a request to you my readers to do this or that. I won’t do that today. Today is about a behavior I observed, but I won’t propose anything. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Well that might be considered as a proposal :o)

This one is about the IBM System Storage SAN06B-R, a multi-protocol router or SAN extension switch. It consists of two ASICs – one handling the Fibre Channel part and one for the FCIP. They also have some extra tasks like FC routing and compression, but for our example it’s enough to know that there are two and if you want to transfer SAN traffic over FCIP, it has to pass both of them.

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