FCIA Announces 32GB Fibre Channel Standard — The Industry’s Fastest Storage Networking Specification

Post by Ashish Nadkarni (thank you)

Skeptics have long claimed that Fibre Channel is on its way out of the datacenter — the reasons for their doomsday prediction is that Ethernet is a better specification and standard and that a datacenter does not need two of them. Arguably that is true to some extent — there is no denying that Ethernet is a much more versatile framing standard and has gained wide adoption as the data center fabric. However, when extreme speed and extremely low latency is needed from the array to the host, most suppliers still point their buyers to Fibre Channel as the networking protocol of choice (InfiniBand and Fibre Channel over Ethernet are used, too, but do not have as diverse a product set as that of Fibre Channel in the storage networking space).

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