Data Deduplicaiton – What?!

Post by Steve Kenniston (thank you)

Let me get this straight, I am going to go back to my days of blogging about data deduplication? What?

The reality is that data deduplication is really one of the latest technologies to become commoditized. More and more we are hearing about “Software Defined Infrastructure” or “Software Defined Storage”. This makes sense to me especially when you have the ability to start taking the specialty storage services such as virtualization, thin provisioning, and deduplication, and making them available to “all” storage. Today we are seeing vendors take solutions out of the array and put them into these platforms such as IBM’s SVC and EMC’s ViPER  such that these services can be available to all storage in the environment, not just one array. (In the case of EMC it is still only all of EMC’s storage, but in the case of IBM with SVC, these services can be provided to heterogeneous storage.) I look at these platforms much like iOS and the storage service as the “app” for the iOS.

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