Introduction to Nutanix Backup to Cloud (Tech Preview)

Post by Andre Leibovici (thank you)

Nutanix recently announced the release of NOS 4.0 with several new features, including:

  • Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication
  • Shadow Clones (Official Support)
  • Multi-disk OpLog Store
  • Tunable Fault Tolerance (RF-3)
  • Smart Pathing
  • Availability Domains (Failure Domain Awareness)
  • Snapshot Browser
  • Snapshot Scheduling via PRISM
  • Disaster Recovery Support for Hyper-V
  • One-Click NOS Upgrade
  • Cluster Health
  • Prism Central (Multi-Cluster UI)
  • Powershell Support and Automation Kit
  • Smart Support

Find more about these features in my post Nutanix 4.0 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing).

There is an important feature that was not part of the general product announcement, a Tech Preview feature called “Backup to Cloud”.

Read on here

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