PernixData Applies VMware Thinking to Storage

Good Post by Martin Veitch (thank you)

It might not be as glitzy as Oculus Rift and virtual reality, Spotify and streaming music or even Dropbox or Box and collaboration software, but datacentre storage is another area of technology that is going through changes. The need for faster access to more data has seen (wait, what’s the collective noun for storage vendors… ah yes) an array of market entrants like Pure StorageNutanix,SimpliVity and Nimble Storage, all of which are discomforting incumbents like IBM, EMC, HP, Dell, NetApp and Hitachi Data Systems. PernixData is another disruptor but the company is aiming at what is arguably an even larger addressable market with an offering that is agnostic over storage vendors. In effect, PernixData, built by founders with deep technical knowhow in VMware, is taking a trick from that company’s success, applying a software layer that supercharges the performance of any storage system.

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