New Generation Storage Arrays

Post by Harsha Hosur (thank you)

I recently read a blog by Josh Odgers about the the requirement for hardware support specifically availability of the storage controllers or lack thereof (link:×7-4-hour-onsite-should-no-longer-be-required/). So I wanted to share my experience with storage controller availability and how modern storage systems provide availability as well as performance. I have used examples of system I have worked on extensively (XtremIO) and also other vendor technology that I read up on (EMC VMAX and Solidfire).

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  1. You should take a look at Coraid’s modular Ethernet based storage at By separating the compute/data services nodes from the capacity nodes you can add whichever node type is required, whether that be performace or capacity. With the Coraid solution you can also add L2ARC cache to significantly improve reads and ZIL for extremely fast write cache. This hybrid storage platform offers just in time scaling into PetaBytes of capacity. It also supports dynamic multi-workload environments, provides Flash like performance using highly optimized read and write cache combined with low cost NL-SATA drives, and can do so at a much more cost efficient price point than SSD systems.


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