Market share: HP & Others up – everyone else down

IBM SVC 6.2 (with V7000) - SPC-1 520'043 IOPS

Good post by Robin Harris (thank you)

IDC’s Worldwide Total Disk Storage Systems Market for Q3 2015 had some interesting results. The thumbnail is the title of this post.

But there are a couple more details. ODM vendors – who sell direct to the hyperscale data center customers – had the fastest revenue growth of any supplier at 23.4%. HP’s revenue growth came in second at 16%, while the Others followed closely at 15.2%.

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Data Retention for Dummies

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

All is confusion. The old certainties are gone. New certainties just don’t exist. The shifting shapes, players, products and technologies in the storage landscape are seen through fog. How the heck does everything fit together?

After four days in Silicon Valley meeting startups the bewilderment ratio us even higher. It’s like Dragons’ Den, where each new player is shinier and brighter than the previous one, becomes your favourite but then, as sure as eggs are eggs, will be eclipsed by the next one.

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What goes up but must come down? NetApp’s customer invoices

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Growth has shuddered to a halt – here’s why

Decline is setting in: NetApp’s revenues are showing a distinctive downturn – and the latest quarterly numbers confirm the trend.

Sales in the third quarter of 2015, which finished January 23, added up to US$1.55bn, which was 3.73 per cent down on the year-ago quarter’s US$1.61bn.

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CommVault Announces Backup Appliance With NetApp

Post by Adam Armstrong (thank you)

Today CommVault announced the availability of the CommVault Backup Appliance with NetApp. The appliance is a combination of Simpana software with NetApp’s E-Series storage in a purpose-built, pre-configured data protection solution. This solution furthers the partnership between the two companies that started with the development of NetApp SnapProtect.

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How EMC Lines Up Against NetApp, HP, IBM, Hitachi In Storage Systems Market

Post by the Trefis Team (thank you)

Storage giant EMC has witnessed limited growth in its core information storage business through the first three quarters of 2014, with storage product revenues staying flat over the prior year period at $7.5 billion. On the other hand, the information storage services division grew by 4% year-on-year to $4.2 billion through the first three quarters. EMC as a whole observed a 5% rise in net revenues over the year-ago period to $17.4 billion with much of the growth coming from non-core businesses including VMware, Pivotal and RSA Security. As a result, both consolidated product revenues (+2%) and consolidated services (+9%) grew on a year-over-year basis to $9.7 billion and $7.6 billion, respectively.

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The 10 Coolest Flash Storage And SSD Products Of 2014

Post by Joseph F. Kovar (thank you)

NetApp’s new FlashRay all-flash array, which was finally delivered after nearly a year of delay, is the company’s first to be designed specifically as an all-flash array. As such, it is the only one so designed by one of the major legacy storage vendors.

Available as a single 11-TB node with a single controller and 16-Gbps Fiber Channel connectivity, FlashRay features a latency of under 0.5 milliseconds. It also features always-on, in-line de-duplication and compression with variable-length block input, as well as always-on thin provisioning. It is initially available with low-cost consumer-grade flash memory, but other technologies are slated to be used as well.

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Disk storage market shows strong growth in Q3

Post by Michael Kan (thank you)

Disk storage sales grew more strongly in the third quarter, helped by sales of non-branded storage gear sold directly to datacenters.

Third-quarter disk storage sales jumped 5.1 percent year over year, reaching $8.8 billion, according to research firm IDC. This was a change from the anemic growth the market saw earlier this year, brought on by falling demand in mature markets.

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NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL – A Triumph of Marketing Over Common Sense

Good post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

I suspect I wasn’t the only one last week who was scratching his head at the latest idea from NetApp which sees them offering a VMware EVO: RAIL solution that incorporates Data ONTAP filer technology.  In case that last statement is unclear to you, yes, NetApp are suggesting that EVO: RAIL, the solution that uses VSAN and commodity disk to specifically remove the need for a dedicated shared storage array, actually should be packaged with one.

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FlexPod and All-Flash FAS for VMware Horizon View

Good post by vMiss (thank you) – follow her here on Twitter

My time with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI started in 2007.  We deployed VMware’s Virtual Desktop Manager for a couple of test projects, including desktops for the help desk, and desktops with admin tools for certain groups within our IT organization.  This was before linked clones existed, and we had a hard time justifying the storage costs for hosting desktops in the data center, no matter what the benefits were.  Things have certainly come a long way since then.  Now we’re working with VMware Horizon View, which is full of features like 3D graphics support, and real time audio and video.

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HDS, HP leapfrog NetApp in the land of the MAGIC QUADRANT

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

The gnomic Gartnerites have promoted HDS and HP over NetApp in their 2014 general purpose array magic quadrant, with an explanation of the concept given here.

NetApp, with its FAS8000, was second to EMC’s VMAX in the year-ago MQ, but Gartner has leapfrogged HDS’ VSP G10000 past it in the updated MQ, with HP’s StoreServ 10000 close behind.

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