vSphere 6.0 Storage Features Part 4: VMFS, VOMA and VAAI


Good post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

There was a time when VMFS was the only datastore that could be used with ESXi. That has changed considerably, with the introduction of NFS (v3 and v4.1), Virtual Volumes and of course Virtual SAN. However VMFS continues to be used by a great many VMware customers and of course we look to enhance it with each release of vSphere. This post will cover changes and enhancements to VMFS in vSphere 6.0.

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Traditional enterprise workloads on an all-flash array?


Post by Martin Glassborow (thank you) over at El Reg

Are all-flash arrays ready for legacy enterprise workloads? The latest little spat between EMC and HP bloggers asked that question.

But it’s not really an interesting question. A more interesting question would be: “Why would I put traditional enterprise workloads on an AFA?”

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What goes up but must come down? NetApp’s customer invoices

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Growth has shuddered to a halt – here’s why

Decline is setting in: NetApp’s revenues are showing a distinctive downturn – and the latest quarterly numbers confirm the trend.

Sales in the third quarter of 2015, which finished January 23, added up to US$1.55bn, which was 3.73 per cent down on the year-ago quarter’s US$1.61bn.

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HP ConvergedSystem 200–HC EVO:RAIL available now!

Good post by Duncan Epping (thank you)

Yesterday I was informed by the EVO:RAIL team that the HP ConvergedSystem 200–HC EVO:RAIL is available (shipping) as of this week. I haven’t seen much around additional pieces HP is including, but I was told though that they are planning to integrate HP One View.

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With Hyper Converged: Don’t Believe the Hype???

Good post by Gabriel Chapman (thank you)

It’s about time for a contrarian viewpoint around Hyper Convergence, and what better place to put it forth than from one of its prime cheerleaders (me). With EMC entering the Hyper Converged marketplace with VSPEX:Blue, and the impending releases of the major VMware OEM partners and their EVO:Rail solutions, I thought I would take a hard look at the state of the Hyper Converged market 5 years on and try to give a fair analysis of the market in terms of where it’s being successful and where it’s not.

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How Flash is Changing Data Storage

Post by Paul Rubens (thank you)

Moving storage services into storage devices may not be what storage software vendors want, but it will offer many benefits to enterprises.

Falling processor and memory prices mean it’s economically feasible to beef up the computing power on storage hardware devices. That’s opening up some exciting possibilities for smart flash drives.

To understand why, you need to consider what exactly goes on in solid state drives. Unlike the spinning hard drives, flash drives can’t overwrite any arbitrary area of the storage medium.  In particular, they can’t write new data to a partially used  block – they have to write to a previously erased (or never used) block.

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Breaking through backup complexity

Post by Calvin Zito (thank you)

One of the most innovative solutions that addresses a relevant customer pain point is HP StoreOnce backup. Sometimes backup and data protection just doesn’t get the attention it should even though it usually is one of the top IT challenges that customers face. Check out a podcast I did last year with Jason Buffington from ESG, an industry expert in backup and data protection, where we talked about the state of backup.

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Don’t Believe The Hype: Efficiency Matters

Good post by Jesse St.Laurent (thank you)

At the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) conference this week, there was a flurry of vendors using the term “hyperconverged,” including some taking baby steps forward regarding storage layer. However, these solutions are still only “Convergence 2.0” solutions.

In contrast, SimpliVity simplifies IT by hyperconverging everything “below the hypervisor.” While the distinction might seem subtle, SimpliVity’s approach delivers unprecedented efficiency. And efficiency matters. Let me explain.

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Interesting Question?

Good post by Martin Glassborow (thank you)

Are AFAs ready for legacy Enterprise Workloads? The latest little spat between EMC and HP bloggers asked that question.

But it’s not really an interesting question; a more interesting question is why would I put traditional Enterprise workloads on an AFA? Why even bother?

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Data Efficiency: Compression

Good post by Jesse St.Laurent (thank you)

In a previous post, we referenced the importance of delivering data efficiency as a core part of the solution and not as a bolt on. The first data efficiency technology we will review is compression. There are two types of compression: inline and post-processing. This post will review both types. I have attempted to create formulas to help clarify the differences and make it simpler to compare compression options, as well as other data efficiency technologies. Let’s set the formulas aside for a moment and come back to them later with a discussion about how they impact hyperconverged infrastructure.

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