Pure Storage’s coming high-end array: We have the details

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

We can tell you a few more juicy details about Pure’s coming high-end array, and we’re deducing that SolidFire has a product capacity refresh coming.

What we knew was that the new range-topper would boast up to 1.5PB usable capacity using 4 and 8TB 3D NAND modules (SSDs). It would have always-on QoS, support thousands of virtual machines and be priced at less than $1GB/usable capacity.

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Flash Storage Is Ready To Drive Out HDDs

Post by Chris Preimesberger (thank you)

It’s really not a surprise to IT people in the know that solid-state NAND flash-based storage will soon displace spinning disk drives as the standard in the enterprise data storage industry. It might be a surprise, however, that this changeover is happening as fast as it is, because NAND flash has always represented a higher upfront cost.

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