Amazon, Azure and Google in race to the bottom … of cloud storage pricing


Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Storage 2016 A period of quiet, rest and reflection is what the storage industry needs after a frankly hectic and very eventful 2015.

It won’t get it. The opposing forces of simplicity and complexity, access speed versus capacity, server versus array, on premises versus cloud, and tuned hardware and software versus software-defined are still in deep conflict. And don’t forget the containerisation issues in the background.

There is also a growing generalised attack on storage data access latency, just to add something else into the mix.

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Next-generation storage for the software-defined datacenter

Post by Siddhartha Roy and Paul Luber (thank you)

Storage is a foundational component of the datacenter fabric and is an intrinsic part of Microsoft’s software-defined datacenter solution.  Our storage investments are centered on bringing value to customers in terms of increasing cloud scale, availability, performance, and reliability, while lowering acquisition and operational costs – with Windows Server, and now also with Microsoft Azure Stack.

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Microsoft Sheds Light on Azure’s Storage Growing Pains

Post by David Davis (thank you)

Microsoft, like other cloud providers before it, has faced some growing pains on its Azure platform.  On November 19, Azure customers began experiencing performance and availability issues on the platform.  Virtual machines, websites, and Visual Studio Online were among the impacted services.

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Integrating HP 3PAR StoreServ and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery for Disaster Recovery

Post by Parissa Mohamadi (thank you)

One of the key announcements at Microsoft TechEd 2014 North America was the Azure Site Recovery. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) enables you to protect, replicate and failover Virtual Machines (VMs), ensuring that your mission-critical applications are always up and running. Simply put, ASR acts as the orchestrator of the replication and the failover for the virtual machines that are managed by System Center.

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Windows Flash Array – Overview at TechEd 2014

John Loveall, Microsoft Program Manager, provide an overview of the Windows Flash Array as part of his TechEd session on advanced storage solutions based on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2. In this video, you will learn how to achieve higher performance and transform the IT economics for Microsoft® applications in physical, virtual, and Microsoft Azure™ cloud environments.

Violin’s Windows Flash Array (WFA) combines Violin Memory’s patented Flash Fabric Architecture™, Microsoft’s fast SMB Direct protocol, and Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 to optimize a Windows Server environment to deliver consistent high performance on a simple architecture with reduced CPU load for every byte, every time.

Introducing NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure

Post by Brian Mitchell (thank you)

NetApp, Microsoft, and Equinix today introduced “NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure”; a hybrid cloud infrastructure that links NetApp Storage with Azure Compute via Azure ExpressRoute.

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Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 release code: First look

Post by Tim Anderson (thank you)

In-memory database engine, improved integration with Windows Azure, and new indexing technology for high performance data warehousing applications – there’s plenty to like in SQL Server 2014, released to manufacturers on Tuesday.

But while Microsoft has been busy and done some heavy lifting, the code that will become generally available on 1 April has some glaringly rough edges.

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Hybrid cloud storage with an object storage back end

Good post by Mr. Hey Now ! Marc Farley (thank you)

I attended the Object Storage Summit last week in San Francisco. It was an excellent event with lots of good discussions about object storage – what it is, how people are using it, how is it being sold, is it a feature or a market?

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Cloud conversations: Gaining cloud confidence from insights into AWS outages

Good 2-part Post from Greg Schulz (thank you) – Some good insights here on the several outages of Cloud Services (Netflix, Microsoft Azure etc.) over the Holiday season 2012.

This is the first of a two-part industry trends and perspectives series looking at how to learn from cloud outages (read part II here).

In case you missed it, there were some public cloud outages during the recent Christmas 2012-holiday season. One incident involved Microsoft Xbox (view the Microsoft Azure status dashboard here) users were impacted, and the other was another Amazon Web Services (AWS) incident.

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