The paradigm shift in enterprise computing 10 years from now.

Good post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

The way businesses arrange their IT infrastructure is based based upon 3 things: Compute, Networks and Storage. Two of these have had a remarkable shift in the way they operate over the last decade. The keyword here was virtualization. Both Compute and Networking have been torn apart and put together in a totally different way we were used to from the 70 to the early 2000’s.

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HP Discover Review: The Machine

Good post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

One of the regular features of HP Discover over recent years has been the blogger “Coffee Talks”, informal sessions with various teams from within HP, covering Big Data, Storage, Networking and so on.  There is even a Coffee Talk on printers that was apparently quite enlightening, although I didn’t attend that one.  Each year (or twice yearly for those who make it), we have a presentation from HP Labs, the section of the company focused on new innovations.  One new technology emerging from the Labs is something HP refer to as “The Machine”.

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45 years of creative evolution in the IT industry and beyond

Good post by Michael Fitzgerald (thank you)

How different is the world of computing now from when the first issue of Computerworld rolled off the presses in 1967?

Here’s a glimpse: One day around that time, Edward Glaser, chairman of computer science at Case Western Reserve University, was giving some of his students a tour of the rooms that held the school’s Univac 1107. As he stood in front of the computer’s flashing lights, the sound of tape spinning in the background, Glaser said, “By the time you’re my age, maybe 20 years from now, you’ll be able to hold all this computing power in something the size of a book.”

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