Not all Snapshots are the same

Good post by George Crump (thank you)

In an upcoming webinar, Storage Switzerland will make the case for using snapshots as a primary component of data protection. For this strategy to work several things are needed from the storage infrastructure. First, it must be able to keep an almost unlimited number of snapshots; second, it needs to have a replication process that can transfer those snapshot deltas (the changed blocks of data) to a safe place; and third, the entire storage infrastructure has to be very cost effective. In this column we will look at that first requirement, the ability to create and store a large amount of snapshots without impacting performance.

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HP Storage MSA Overview ChalkTalk

In this ChalkTalk, HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito gives an overview of the MSA family, focusing on the new MSA 1040 and where it fits with the MSA 2040. You can learn more about the MSA family at