Buying Guide: Backup Appliances

Post by Drew Robb (thank you)

IDC recently put out a report on the worldwide purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) market. The big news was declining revenues, which are likely to continue due to changes in the dynamics of this space.

“The worldwide PBBA market experienced a year-over-year decline in the second quarter of 2015 as the market continues to evolve,” said Liz Conner, a storage analyst at IDC. “Focus continues to shift away from hardware-centric, on-premise PBBA systems to hybrid/gateway systems. The results are greater emphasis on backup and deduplication software, the ability to tier or push data to the cloud, and the increasing commoditization of hardware, all of which require market participants to adjust product portfolios accordingly.”

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HDS storage is faring better than EMC’s trad arrays, reckons analyst

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

EMC is ahead overall with HDS mounting an IoT catch-up

HDS storage revenues are declining, but not as much as EMC’s core storage business. Joe Tucci’s business is doing better in its move to add business outside its trad arrays and HDS is mounting an Internet of Things catch-up, looking to store and analyse the hoped-for IoT data deluge.

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The State of Deduplication in 2015

Good post by George Crump (thank you)

At its core, deduplication is an enabling technology. First, it enabled disk based backup devices to become the primary backup target in the data center. Now it promises to enable the all-flash data center by driving down the cost of flash storage. Just as deduplication became the table stake for backup appliances, it is now a required capability for flash and hybrid primary storage.

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Demand global deduplication for disk-based backup

Post by Calvin Zito (thank you)

Last week, I did a blog post about all-flash, one of the big topics we see. This week I want to hit an old topic that still is relevant because of the innovation in the industry: disk-based backup.

Just before HP Discover, I saw an article in The Register where an EMC Data Domain executive was asked “Why has EMC never provided global deduplication across Data Domain boxes?” The answer was, well shocking: “To date, we’ve not seen a need”.

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What’s the point of EMC ProtectPoint?

Good Post by Hrovje Crvelin (thank you) on ProtectPoint

Today EMC did one of those mega launches they do every year or so (this is fourth one I believe) and announced couple of new things.  To me, most important one is  Symmetrix line which changed its face quite a bit. After all, these are EMC’s flagship. Symmetrix line started in, now distant 1990, but Symm2 would be series where heart started to beat and would have max 24 disks inside. It may sound ridiculous today, but yes – that’s how old we are today.

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EMC ProtectPoint Demo (VMAX,DataDomain)

This demo shows how EMC ProtectPoint provides optimized data protection with the performance of snapshots and the functionality of backups.