NVMe fabric flash and deduping VSAN lead

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Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you)over at El Reg

EMC has new storage products coming in both external shared array form and in its converged and hyper-converged systems lines of products, using new VSAN capabilities.

These will be announced over the next two quarters and will change the shape of EMC’s product lines. We think we now have an overall view of what the mainstream product lines will look like.

This information comes from EMC’s latest quarterly results earnings call, from various sources, and from blogs by EMC VCE president Chad Sakac.

The background includes the point that VMware’s VSAN/EVO:RAIL/EMC VSPEX Blue products have not apparently been successful, hence the need for a revamp of the core VSAN software.

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Market share: HP & Others up – everyone else down

IBM SVC 6.2 (with V7000) - SPC-1 520'043 IOPS

Good post by Robin Harris (thank you)

IDC’s Worldwide Total Disk Storage Systems Market for Q3 2015 had some interesting results. The thumbnail is the title of this post.

But there are a couple more details. ODM vendors – who sell direct to the hyperscale data center customers – had the fastest revenue growth of any supplier at 23.4%. HP’s revenue growth came in second at 16%, while the Others followed closely at 15.2%.

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Purely Observations on Dell / EMC Deal

Post by Scott Dietzen (thank you)

Big news out of Round Rock, Texas and Hopkinton, Massachusetts yesterday: Dell and EMC have signed a definitive agreement under which Dell, together with Michael Dell, MSD Partners and Silver Lake, will acquire EMC. We want to share our insights on this news, and explain what it means for the storage market.

Pure Storage both cooperates and competes with both companies. Many of our customers also run Dell servers and VMware software, but we of course compete with both EMC and Dell storage. Our thoughts:

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Where VSAN doesn’t shine: Sources explain EMC’s ScaleIO purpose

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you)

EMC introduced its scale-out ScaleIO Node virtual SAN a couple of weeks ago, with hybrid flash-disk and all-flash server chassises. It overlaps as a product with EMC-owned VMware’s VSAN, and therefore EMC’s EVO:RAIL implementation of that, and also competes with scale-out all-flash arrays.

Discussions with sources have clarified EMC’s thinking on the topic, and showed that the overlap is less than originally thought.

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Pure vs EMC: who’s winning?

Good post by Robin Harris (thank you)

Forbes contributor and analyst Peter Cohan writes on seemingly conflicting stories coming from Pure and EMC. Let’s unpack the dueling narratives.

Does Pure win 70% vs EMC or does EMC win 95% vs Pure? The metrics:

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Post by Robin Harris (thank you)

Tired of Fibre Channel? Bored with Ethernet? Infiniband not enough? EMC has a new idea: a PCIe SAN. PCIe is part of their DSSD plan. A good question is: will customers buy it? A better question is: what is EMC talking about?

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EMC Acquires DSSD – But for What?

Good Post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

One of the interesting announcements from the recent EMC World event in Las Vegas was the news that EMC are acquiring stealth startup DSSD.  Not a great deal is yet known about this company, as they are not currently shipping any product (and presumably don’t have any existing customers).  However we do have a few insights.

Last year, StorageMojo, AKA Robin Harris wrote a blog post with some additional background, highlighting the fact that DSSD was put together by Andy Bechtolsheim (co-founder of Sun Microsystems), with Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore.

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EMC buys secret chip maker DSSD

Post by Barb Darrow (thank you)

Updated: The storage leader is buying the Andy Bechtolsheim-backed DSSD, which will become part of EMC’s emerging technology unit.

EMC kicked off its annual EMC World shindig by announcing that it is buying DSSD, the hush-hush chip startup funded by Sun co-founder and Silicon Valley superstar Andy Bechtolsheim.

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Meet DSSD, Andy Bechtolsheim’s secret chip startup for big data

Good post by Stacey Higginbotham (thank you)

The solution for better and faster storage may lie in DSSD, a stealthy chip startup backed by Andreas von Bechtolsheim, that counts several members of the Sun ZFS team as founders.

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