Breaking through backup complexity

Post by Calvin Zito (thank you)

One of the most innovative solutions that addresses a relevant customer pain point is HP StoreOnce backup. Sometimes backup and data protection just doesn’t get the attention it should even though it usually is one of the top IT challenges that customers face. Check out a podcast I did last year with Jason Buffington from ESG, an industry expert in backup and data protection, where we talked about the state of backup.

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Creating a self-managing, self-healing tape archive

Post by Simon Watkins (thank you)

The data retention challenge

Organizations are archiving ever-expanding volumes of data for extended periods of time to deliver storage optimization and cost efficiencies, address compliance objectives, and meet information re-use requirements.

Tape’s unique blend of cost-effective, scalable, dependable, and removable storage has always delivered proven benefits when it comes to long-term data retention. A recent research paper from ESG reported that 82% of tape-using respondents surveyed anticipate increasing or maintaining their organization’s use of tape technology for long-term data retention. But, how can you verify the quality of your archived tape data over time? And, how can you feel confident that the data stored in an infrequently or never accessed tape archive will be available and retrievable when needed?

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ESG Analyst Discussion – DS8870: Enterprise Architecture for Optimized Performance from IBM

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 

10:00 AM PDT
12:00 PM CDT
1:00 PM EDT

Join us in this webcast where ESG analyst Mark Peters will lead a discussion with IBM enterprise storage engineers to understand what makes the flagship DS8870 system so popular with clients that need the ultimate in performance, reliability, and security for their most important applications. Hear why this iconic system is the ideal choice for supporting some of the most demanding data center applications.

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Software Defined – As Usual, We’re Focused On The Wrong Thing First

Very good Post from Steve Duplessie (thank you) – Steve brings it to the point here about the hype around Software Defined <younameit>

Software defined everything.  SFE.  The latest craze in marketing mayhem.

There, of course, is some legitimacy to the phrase – but doesn’t software already “define” everything in our IT world?  Doesn’t software provide the execution sets that tell our “stuff” what we want it to do?  Therefore, isn’t everything really already software defined in many ways?

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Data Protection in the “New World”

Good post by Steve Kenniston (thank you)

Its time I get back to writing about more than just topics that surround what IBM are doing in the world of storage.  For example, I am pretty passionate about data protection.  Having worked for Veritas, ESG (covering data protection), Connected Corporation (sold to Iron Mountain), Avamar (sold to EMC) and EMC’s backup, recover and archive group, I have spent a good chunk of my storage career in the data protection space.

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The Importance of Fabric-Based Architectures for Storage


ESG Whitepaper done by Bob Laliberte (thank you)

Virtualization and Consolidation Still Driving Change

In order to remain more competitive in a global market, businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to give them a competitive edge. However, in order for that to happen the IT environment needs to be agile and responsive to the needs of the business. Thus many organizations are transforming their IT infrastructure from a legacy rigid and physical environment to a consolidated and highly virtualized one.

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ESG Lab Validation – Emulex LPe16000 Series 16GFC HBAs

Paper by Tony Palmer and Ajen Johan (thank you)

This report documents ESG Lab’s hands-on testing of the Emulex LightPulse 16G Fibre Channel (16GFC) Host Bus Adapter (HBA), and explores the HBA’s ability to improve virtualization efficiency and increase performance in an 8Gb or 16Gb environment. The report also covers the ease of management and simplicity of deployment of the LPe16000 series.

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Double the effective storage capacity of your active data – guaranteed

IBM guarantees storage savings of at least 50 percent with Real-time Compression

Today, thousands of customers enjoy the extraordinary storage efficiency features of the IBM Storwize V7000. And now that efficiency comes with a guarantee. That’s right, IBM now guarantees you a savings rate of at least 50 percent when deploying IBM Real-time Compression. Just turn on Real-time Compression on your new Storwize V7000 and in the unlikely event you don’t get 50 percent or greater compression savings, IBM will provide, at no cost, the hardware and authorizations to match the shortfall. That’s a deal you can’t refuse!

Unlike other compression implementations, Real-time Compression is specifically designed to compress active primary workloads such as Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and VMware. IBM is so confident that it is willing to guarantee storage savings for Storwize V7000 customers.

For more information on the Real-time Compression Guarantee program and registration process, visit IBM Storwize V7000 Real-time Compression Guarantee.