Object stores? more, fast and small!

Good post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

A couple of weeks ago I published an article about high performance object storage. Reactions have been quite diverse. Some think that object stores can only be huge and slow and then others who think quite the opposite. In fact, they can also be fast and small.

In the last year I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with end users and vendors concerning this topic. Having just covered the part about “fast object stores”, again I’d like to point out that by fast I mean faster and with better latency than traditional object stores, but not as fast as block storage. This time round I’d like to talk about smaller object stores.

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The ultimate IOPS cheat sheet!

Good Post by Bas van Kaam (thank you)

Lately I’ve seen a lot of talk about IOPS, we need as many as possible and as such we are constantly on the look out for new ways to boost performance. No matter what kind of infrastructure we build, virtual or physical, or what ever products we use, in the end it all comes down to the end user experience. Topics often relate to flash like storage solutions, converged infrastructures, Citrix provisioning services, Machine Creation Services, or a combination of the above.

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EMC Redefine Possible – Analyst Breakfast & Executive Q&A (Good event summary)

Post by Andrew Miller (thank you)

Summary – this ended up being a good summary of the highlights of the keynote later in the day – see my live blog post for details on that (not just text…lots of picture there too). I always like hearing what executives choose to focus on and how they say it when only have 2-3 minutes to summarize a huge amount of items.

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Where Are Your Backups Going?

Post by Sheldon D’Paiva (thank you)

More than 1,600 IT professionals responded to our recent survey on data protection. As highlighted in a previous blog post, most IT pros think that businesses need to:

  1. Protect the majority of their data, which is increasingly generated by virtualized applications
  2. Protect that data often (at least every six hours)
  3. Recover that data quickly (at least in six hours)

Great, everyone agrees that data protection is crucial. But what media are your colleagues using? Is tape dead? How much is disk being used for data protection? And is anyone really using the cloud? Let’s take a deeper look.

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Fast Sideways – A connectivity point of view


Post by Erik Smith (thank you)

Although I mentioned this functionality in a previous blog post, the impact that this type of use case will have on connectivity automation is so significant that it deserves to have it’s own post.

The first time I heard the FAST Sideways concept mentioned publicly was by Brian Gallagher during an EMC World 2013 keynote.  Brian and Steve Todd then talked about the topic in just a bit more detail during an EMCBackstage interview.  Although I believe there will be a team of folks at EMC World this year taking about this concept in general, I’ll say the following about it from a Connectivity Automation perspective.

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