A closer look at the VSAN witness appliance

Good post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

As part of the Virtual SAN 6.1 announcements at VMworld 2015, VMware announced two new, eagerly anticipated features. The first of these is VSAN stretched cluster, allowing you to protect your virtual machines across data centers, not just racks. And the second is 2-node VSAN, which will be an excellent solution for remote office/branch office (ROBO) configurations.

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The Guide to Selecting Flash for Virtual Environments

Good post by George Crump (thank you)

High performance flash based storage has dramatically improved the storage infrastructure’s ability to respond to the demands of servers and the applications that count on it. Nowhere does this improvement have more potential than in the virtualized server environment. The performance benefits of flash are so great that it can be deployed indiscriminately and still performance gains can be seen. But doing so may not allow the environment to take full advantage of flash performance. It may also be a much more expensive deployment model and put data at risk. Modern data centers need to understand which forms of flash and which deployment models will show the greatest return on investment while not risking any data.

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VMware Virtual SAN Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Reference Manual

Good document by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

VMware’s Virtual SAN is designed to be simple: simple to configure, and simple to operate. This simplicity masks a sophisticated and powerful storage product. The purpose of this document is to fully illustrate how Virtual SAN works behind the scenes: whether this is needed in the context of problem solving, or just to more fully understand its inner workings.

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Installation Project: HP 3PAR StoreServ

Good post by Markus Leinonen (thank you)

With our previous installation project (part 1 & part 2) we installed the complete HP blade server infrastructure with Generation 9 blade servers and Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules up&running in the rack. They have been on display in the PROOFMARK portal ever since and quite a few of you have already seen them in action. Now it is time to add some serious storage to the picture!

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Virtual SAN 5.5 Validation Guide

Good post by Joe Cook (thank you)

Enabling Virtual SAN, if the environment is configured and ready, is an easy click of the mouse. If the environment is not ready however, the task of troubleshooting a new product, can easily become quite daunting. As we track the issues that have arisen during Virtual SAN deployments, we see that the majority of issues are common from deployment to deployment. The great news here is that these common issues can readily be identified and resolved. The real challenge is getting the information and guidance out into the hands of those who need it, before they actually have need of it.

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Buying Guide for Enterprise Hard Drives

Post by Drew Robb (thank you)

With all the excitement around solid state drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs) just haven’t been getting much attention. So here are some of the latest products available from HDD OEMs.

Toshiba Storage

Earlier in March, Toshiba debuted the AL13SX Series enterprise hard disk drives (HDD).

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Don’t over-build your hosts for VMware VSAN


Post by Ron Oglesby (thank you)

VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) is a new hypervisor-converged storage technology that’s getting a lot of attention. And for good reason. It has the potential to offer incredible I/O performance at much lower price points (compared to SAN) by leveraging cheap local storage.

But like any new technology, you have to fully understand what it is and how it’s going to be applied before you start making cost assumptions and configuration recommendations.

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ViPR and OpenStack Integration: How It Works

Post by Parashurham Hallur (thank you)

This blog provides a brief overview of ViPR and OpenStack and then talks about they are integrated along with what features are supported. Additionally, I will explain the setup required from the ViPR side and the steps required for configuring the integration on the OpenStack compute host/cinder volume node.

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VMware Virtual SAN Design and Sizing Guide


VMware Virtual SAN is a new hypervisor-converged, software-defined storage platform that is fully integrated with VMware vSphere®. Virtual SAN aggregates locally attached disks of hosts that are members of a vSphere cluster, to create a distributed shared storage solution. Virtual SAN enables the rapid provisioning of storage within VMware vCenterTM as part of virtual machine creation and deployment operations.

Virtual SAN is a hybrid disk system that leverages both flash-based devices, to provide optimal performance, and magnetic disks, to provide capacity and persistent data storage. This delivers enterprise performance and a resilient storage platform.

The distributed datastore of Virtual SAN is an object-store file system that leverages the vSphere Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) framework to deliver application-centric storage services and capabilities that are centrally managed through vSphere virtual machine storage policies.

This document focuses on the definitions, sizing guidelines, and characteristics of the Virtual SAN distributed datastore.

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IBM Network Advisor 12.1 User Manual


This guide will help you configure and use IBM Network Advisor 12.1. Get the Guide here