Tracking down noisy neighbors

Good post by Frank Denneman (thank you)

A big part of resource management is sizing of the virtual machines. Right-sizing the virtual machines allows IT teams to optimize the resource utilization of the virtual machines. Right sizing has become a tactical tool for enterprise IT-teams to ensure maximum workload performance and efficient use of the physical infrastructure. Another big part of resource management is keeping track of resource utilization, some of these processes are a part of the daily operation tasks performed by specialized monitoring teams or the administrators themselves. Service Providers usually cannot influence the right sizing element, therefor they focus more on the monitoring part.

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Traffic Isolation Zoning – The mistake of FOS


Good post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

If there is one thing I would consider “the” blunder of FOS engineering it has to be Traffic Isolation zoning. I mean, creating such an administrative nightmare with obscure directions causing confusion and nasty pitfalls when one thing goes wrong is in many occasions a recipe for disaster.

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Peak Fibre Channel


Good post by Tony Bourke (thank you)

There have been several articles talking about the death of Fibre Channel. This isn’t one of them. However, it is an article about “peak Fibre Channel”. I think, as a technology, Fibre Channel is in the process of (if it hasn’t already) peaking.

There’s a lot of technology in IT that doesn’t simply die. Instead, it grows, peaks, then slowly (or perhaps very slowly) fades. Consider Unix/RISC.

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QLogic 16Gb Gen 5 FC Now Offered on EMC VNX Hybrid Flash Storage

Post by Pedro Hernandez (thank you)

Eyeing virtualized data centers, EMC and QLogic have teamed to move VNX arrays into the storage area network (SAN) fast lane.

EMC VNX hybrid flash storage arrays are now available with QLogic’s high-speed 16Gb Fiber Channel (FC) technology, the Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based provider of storage networking components and equipment announced today. VNX is EMC’s midrange line of flash-enabled, unified storage systems (NAS and SAN). The Hopkinton, Mass.-based data storage giant overhauled VNX in 2013, including enhancements to its underlying MCx software to improve flash integration.

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Understanding Software Defined Storage

Very good post by Pushpesh Sharma (thank you)

Storage systems are essential to the data center. Given the exponential rate of data growth, it is increasingly becoming more and more challenging to scale the enterprise storage infrastructure in a cost effective way.

Storage technology over the years has seen incremental technology advancements. The early days of enterprise storage were mainly direct-attached storage (DAS) with host bus adapters (HBAs)  and redundant array of independent disks (RAIDs.) The DAS advanced by more faster and more reliable protocols like ATA over Ethernet(ATA), serial attached technology adapters (SATA), external serial attached technology adapters (eSATA), small computer system interface (SCSI), serial attached SCSI (SAS), and fibre channel.

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Post by Jeffrey Layton (thank you)

There has been a perennial argument of SAS versus SATA for enterprise storage. Some people say it’s OK to use SATA for enterprise storage and some say that you need to use SAS. In this article I’m going to address two aspects of the SAS vs. SATA argument. The first is about the drives themselves, SATA drives and SAS drives. The second is about data integrity in regard to SATA channels and SAS channels (channels are the connections from the drives to the Host Bus Adapter – HBA).

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IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX: Adapter Support Updates


IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX has added support for the following adapters. Unless otherwise noted, this support includes vSCSI/NPIV through an underlying VIOS where applicable (F/C adapters).

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LSI 12Gb/s SAS 9300 Series HBAs Announced

Post by Bill Valle (thank you)

LSI is announcing the introduction of its SAS 9300 HBA family that consists of 4 Host Bus Adapters which accelerate storage and meet the high performance applications requirements for a range of environments.

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IBM Storwize Family Software for SAN Volume Controller V7.1.0 delivers performance enhancements


IBM® Storwize® Family Software for SAN Volume Controller (SVC) version 7 Includes:

  • Additional Fibre Channel (FC) ports with the addition of an expansion host bus adapter (HBA)
  • Enhancements for Real-time Compression™
  • Ability to use Real-time Compression and Easy Tier® together
  • Scalability enhancements
  • New price metric tier structure

IBM Storwize Family Software for SVC Software helps customers with existing SANs reduce the complexities and cost of managing their SAN-based storage.

SVC is designed to:

  • Centralize management of storage volumes, enabling administrators to manage storage volumes from a single point
  • Improve utilization of storage capacity, enabling businesses to tap into previously unused disk capacity
  • Avoid downtime for backups, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Support data migration without disruption to applications
  • Enable virtualized storage volumes to be managed as a single pool of storage
  • Enable a single set of advanced services to be used across multiple storage devices, including Easy Tier , thin provisioning, real-time compression, and copy services

IBM Storwize Family Software for SVC version 7 includes enhancements to provide greater scalability to grow with customer’s growing environments, enhancements to Real-time Compression and EasyTier to provide greater efficiency, additional connectivity options to enhance availability and data flow control, and new pricing tiers.

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IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller Storage Engine Fibre Channel host bus adapter feature


New Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) feature for the IBM® System Storage® SAN Volume Controller (2145-CG8)

This new feature adds a 4-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel HBA to improve connectivity options on the SAN Volume Controller engine. The SVC engine comes standard with a 4-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel HBA. This feature adds a second one.

The IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Storage Engine now offers the option to add a second four-port, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel HBA, feature code AHA7. The base Storage Engine comes with one four-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel HBA.

IBM System Storage SVC Storage Engine (machine type 2145 Model CG8) is the hardware component of the IBM System Storage SVC. The SVC solution includes highly specialized software, storage engines installed in pairs, and power connection equipment, such as an uninterruptible power supply.

Base Storage Engine (2145-CG8)

The SVC Storage Engine is based on the IBM System x3550M3 hardware platform. The SVC storage Engine is designed to provide high performance and scalability with four 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports and 24 GB of cache standard in each engine, and the option to add either two 10 Gb Ethernet connectivity ports or up to four SSDs per SVC hardware engine.

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