Network, your next big storage problem!


Good post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

A few days ago I had an interesting chat with Andy Warfield at Coho Data and the topic of Network/Storage relationship came up several times. (Quick disclaimer: I’m currently doing some work for Coho)

In a couple of my latest articles (here and here) I talked about why many large IT organizations prefer PODs to other topologies for their datacenters but I totally forgot to talk about networking (I also have to admit that networking is not my field at all). So, this article could be the right follow-up for those posts.

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Open Source Storage (part 2)

Post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

Six years ago I wrote this article : Open Source Storage in which I describe that storage will become “Software Defined”. Basically I already predicted SDN before the acronym was even invented.  What I did not see coming is that Oracle would buy SUN and by doing that basically killing off the entire “Open Source” part of that article but hey, at least you can call yourself a Americas Cup sponsor and Larry Elisons yacht maintainer. :-)

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What is Hadoop and can Object Storage make it better?

Post by George Crump (thank you)

Hadoop, first used by large cloud providers like Yahoo, Facebook and Google, is designed to allow massive amounts of compute resources to process very large, unstructured datasets. The technology is now firmly entrenched in government agencies and is now working its way into more traditional enterprise IT. The goal of a Hadoop project is to improve decision making by providing rapid and accurate answers. The larger the data set the more accurate those answers. The more servers that can be applied to that task the faster those decisions can be made.

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Post by Robin Harris (thank you)

Tired of Fibre Channel? Bored with Ethernet? Infiniband not enough? EMC has a new idea: a PCIe SAN. PCIe is part of their DSSD plan. A good question is: will customers buy it? A better question is: what is EMC talking about?

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Hadoop Tutorial: Intro to HDFS

In this presentation, Sameer Farooqui (thank you) is going to introduce the Hadoop Distributed File System, an Apache open source distributed file system designed to run on commodity hardware.