Amazon, Azure and Google in race to the bottom … of cloud storage pricing


Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Storage 2016 A period of quiet, rest and reflection is what the storage industry needs after a frankly hectic and very eventful 2015.

It won’t get it. The opposing forces of simplicity and complexity, access speed versus capacity, server versus array, on premises versus cloud, and tuned hardware and software versus software-defined are still in deep conflict. And don’t forget the containerisation issues in the background.

There is also a growing generalised attack on storage data access latency, just to add something else into the mix.

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The Nand Flash Cache SSD Cash Dance

Good post by Greg Schulz (thank you)

Yes, the title for this piece is a play on words. Yet it also reflects the activity in the data storage industry today, particular pertaining to nand flash Solid State Devices (SSD).

For those who need a quick refresher, nand flash is a persistent form of memory, which means that when you remove power, your data stays intact as it would on a hard disk drive (HDD).

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