What is NVMe? And what does it mean for PCIe-SSD?

Good post by George Crump (thank you)

There are two constants in data center storage; the need for greater performance and the need for greater capacity. Flash based storage devices have become the go-to option to address the first challenge. But application owners and users quickly move from an initial euphoria with flash performance to demanding more. Since the flash NAND is essentially the constant in the equation, the surrounding infrastructure has to evolve to extract optimal performance from the technology. But achieving maximum performance often leads to proprietary architectures and designs. NVMe (Non Volatile Memory) is a new industry standard that enables data centers to realize full flash potential without compatibility headaches.

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Why SSDs don’t perform

Good post by Robin Harris (thank you)

From their earliest days, people have reported that SSDs were not providing the performance they expected. As SSDs age, for instance, they get slower. Here’s why.

SSDs are a new and evolving (and the SATA versions are already obsolete) technology. It’s not surprising that we’re still learning how and where to use them.

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Object Storage suppliers: Bikers? Dentists? Or Biker Dentists?

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Do the object storage suppliers need to band together and collectively educate potential customers so that sales rise? Well, do they?

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