VSAN 6.2 Upgrade – Failed to realign objects

Good post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

A number of customers have reported experiencing difficulty when attempting to upgrade the on-disk format on VSAN 6.2. The upgrade to vSphere 6.0u2 goes absolutely fine; it is only when they try to upgrade the on-disk format, to use new features such as Software Checksum, and Deduplication and Compression, that they encounter this error.

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Upgrading to VMware Virtual SAN 6.0

Good post by Rawlinson Rivera (thank you)

Virtual SAN 6.0 introduced new changes to the structural components of its architecture. One of those changes is a new on-disk format which delivers better performance and capability enhancements. One of those new capabilities allows vSphere Admins to perform in-place rolling upgrades from Virtual SAN 5.5 to Virtual SAN 6.0 without introducing any application downtime.

Upgrading an existing Virtual SAN 5.5 cluster to Virtual SAN 6.0 is performed in multiple phases and it requires the re-formating of the of all of the magnetic disks that are being used in a Virtual SAN cluster. The upgrade is defined as a one-time procedure that is performed from RVC command line utility with a single command.

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Top Ten Storage Trends of 2013

Post by Drew Robb (thank you) – here starts the retrospect season 🙂

What are the biggest trends in storage that emerged in 2013? We asked a collection of storage professionals and here are their thoughts about the rapidly evolving storage market.

Flash, Flash and More Flash

Flash is one of those obvious trends in storage of late. But Gary Orenstein, Executive Vice President of Marketing at FusionIO, noted that the discussion of flash in the enterprise has evolved from, “When should I add flash?” to “How should I add flash to my data center?”

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Files Vs. Objects: the difference is in the value

Good post by Enrico Signoretti (grazie !)

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about object storage and NAS. As a follow-up, this time I would like to go on with my rants and try to explain why I think that Object storage is a good option as NAS backend and why it could be a big leap forward in how you can exploit the real value of your data.

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