An overview of the new Virtual SAN 6.2 features

Good Post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

If you were wondering why my blogging has dropped off in recent months, wonder no more. I’ve been fully immersed in the next release of VSAN. Today VMware has just announced the launch of VSAN 6.2, the next version of VMware’s Virtual SAN product. It is almost 2.5 years since we launched the VSAN beta at VMworld 2013, and almost 2 years to the day since we officially GA’ed our first release of VSAN way back in March 2014. A lot has happened since then, with 3 distinct releases in that 2 year period (6.0, 6.1 and now 6.2). For me the product has matured significantly in that 2 year period, with 3,000 customers and lots of added features. VSAN 6.2 is the most significant release we have had since the initial launch.

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Introduction to Nimble Storage

A recorded webinar from May 13, 2014 that provides an overview of the Nimble Storage architecture and InfoSight support portal.

Pure Storage revisited – a chat with Vaughn Stewart


Post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

Pure Storage are all over the news at the moment. They just secured another round of funding (225 million to be precise), and are now valued at over 3 billion. You can read more about that here. However, even before this announcement, I had already arranged to have a catch up chat with Pure’s primary evangelist (and a good pal of mine), Vaughn Stewart.

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Who is WHIPTAIL ? – an overview

Good post by Cormac Hogan (thank you) which gives an excellent overview on WHIPTAIL

Last week, I presented at the UK National VMUG. I took the opportunity to catch up with Darren Williams (Technical Director, EMEA & APAC) of WHIPTAIL who was also presenting at the event. My first introduction to WHIPTAIL came last year when I first met Darren at another user group meeting, and I posted about their XLR8R array on the vSphere storage blog.

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IBM System Storage DS8000 GUI preview: Efficiency through ease of use

See how IBM is redefining storage efficiency with the most modern storage management interface available with the upcoming GUI for the IBM DS8000 series.

Windows Server 2012 SMB 3.0 File Shares: An Overview

Excellent overview by Aidan Finn (thank you)

Today I’ll describe why and how Microsoft has made it possible to store Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V virtual machines on SMB 3.0 file shares, giving you increased performance, scalability, and continuous availability at a fraction of the cost of traditional block storage.

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IBM PureSystems Product Family – IBM PureData System Overview

How can your organization meet today’s big data challenges, reduce complexity, accelerate time to value, and improve IT economics? The IBM® PureData™ Systems, the newest member of the IBM PureSystems™ family, offers the following benefits for critical success:

Deliver data services in traditional or cloud environments
Run sophisticated analytics on billions of records
Open integration with third party software Achieve optimal balance of analytics performance & operational throughput

Contact IBM to see how we can help your organization meet today’s big data challenges with speed, simplicity and efficiency. For more information on the PureData Systems, visit here