Amazon, Azure and Google in race to the bottom … of cloud storage pricing


Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Storage 2016 A period of quiet, rest and reflection is what the storage industry needs after a frankly hectic and very eventful 2015.

It won’t get it. The opposing forces of simplicity and complexity, access speed versus capacity, server versus array, on premises versus cloud, and tuned hardware and software versus software-defined are still in deep conflict. And don’t forget the containerisation issues in the background.

There is also a growing generalised attack on storage data access latency, just to add something else into the mix.

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IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure: IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business on IBM Flex System

IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure: IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business on IBM Flex System

The IBM® SmartCloud™ Desktop Infrastructure offers robust, cost-effective, and manageable virtual desktop solutions for a wide range of clients, user types, and industry segments. These solutions to help increase business flexibility and staff productivity, reduce IT complexity, and simplify security and compliance. Based on a reference architecture approach, this infrastructure supports various hardware, software, and hypervisor platforms.

IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business, which is a type of SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure, that runs on IBM Flex System™ enhances the overall quality and reliability of virtual desktops. It gives users constant, consistent, high-quality access to virtual desktops from various end-point devices with enhanced management, integration, disaster recovery, and mobility capabilities.

This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide provides an overview of the SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solution. It highlights the key components, architecture, and benefits of this solution. It also provides integration scenarios and ordering and fulfillment information.

The Risk of Over Promising and Under Delivering with Hybrid Storage Arrays

Post by Scott Dietzen (thank you)

As Pure embarks for Europe this week (VMworld Barcelona and Structure Amsterdam, hope to see you there!), an analogy for the inherent risk in hybrid storage occurred to me.

First, imagine that you’re expecting to travel internationally by ship, but then find that you’ve been upgraded to a flight, and will get there in a fraction of the time. You’re likely ecstatic (modulo the crowding in coach), contemplating extra work and fun or an earlier return home thanks to the savings in transit time. Hybrid storage (that intermixes flash memory and mechanical disk within an appliance) is similar: When your applications are designed for disk latencies and instead get a 10+X acceleration with flash, your users are thrilled. So incorporating a flash cache to help a disk-centric array go faster is classic under promise and over deliver.

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