A closer look at the VSAN witness appliance

Good post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

As part of the Virtual SAN 6.1 announcements at VMworld 2015, VMware announced two new, eagerly anticipated features. The first of these is VSAN stretched cluster, allowing you to protect your virtual machines across data centers, not just racks. And the second is 2-node VSAN, which will be an excellent solution for remote office/branch office (ROBO) configurations.

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Failover Clustering in Windows Server Technical Preview

Post by Aidan Finn (thank you)

Microsoft announced a few features with the launch of the Technical Preview of the next release of Windows Server, due for general availability release in the second half of 2015. More information was released at TechEd Europe 2014 in early November. Failover Clustering is continuing to improve software-defined compute (AKA virtualization or Hyper-V) and software-defined storage solutions. This article will discuss the known new features in Windows Server Technical Preview.

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Upgrade Failures When Using Quorum Disks from IBM XIV Storage Subsystems


Flash (Alert) – Reference #:S1004403


An issue has been identified that can cause a loss of access to data during a software upgrade if the system is using quorum disks from an XIV Storage Subsystem. This issue affects SAN Volume Controller or Storwize V7000 systems when upgrading from V5.1, V6.1, V6.2 or V6.3 to V6.4. This issue also affects Storwize V7000 Unified systems upgrading from V1.3 to V1.4.


When any of the three quorum disks for an SVC or Storwize system are configured to use an XIV managed disk, the upgrade may experience problems including a loss of access to data.


Customers wishing to upgrade to V6.4 with an XIV Storage Subsystem must ensure that all quorum disks are configured on drives or managed disks which are not presented from an XIV system before starting the upgrade. Once the upgrade has completed, the quorum disks can be reassigned back to the XIV system.

The chquorum command line can be used to move the quorum disks to another managed disk or onto a Storwize V7000 drive. Full details of the command line can be found in the information center.


This problem was resolved in V7.1.0.0 and will be resolved in a future V6.4.1 PTF.