The paradigm shift in enterprise computing 10 years from now.

Good post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

The way businesses arrange their IT infrastructure is based based upon 3 things: Compute, Networks and Storage. Two of these have had a remarkable shift in the way they operate over the last decade. The keyword here was virtualization. Both Compute and Networking have been torn apart and put together in a totally different way we were used to from the 70 to the early 2000’s.

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PCI Express Switching Takes On Ethernet, InfiniBand

Good post by Timothy Prickett Morgan (thank you)

Ethernet, InfiniBand, and the handful of high-speed, low-latency interconnects that have been designed for supercomputers and large shared memory systems are going to soon have a new rival: PCI-Express switching.

The idea might sound a bit strange, but it bears some consideration. Particularly with two companies – PLX Technologies and A3Cube – readying two different extensions of the PCI-Express point-to-point interconnect, used as a peripheral interconnect inside modern servers, that will allow it to act like a switch between servers. In both cases, the idea is to eliminate some of the electronics and cost of clustering machines together while at the same time providing the same lower latency than Ethernet or InfiniBand switching can deliver.

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