Tape vs Cloud for Archive and Cold Data

Post by Joseph Ortiz (thank you)

As my colleague, George Crump, discussed in a previous article, “What is Better than Cloud Storage for Cold Data”, cloud storage is great for processing active data but becomes increasingly expensive for storing cold data that is seldom accessed. While we have previously examined a few weaknesses of cloud storage such as latency and bandwidth issues, we have not really examined the actual costs of cloud storage in any detail to see the potential costs of storing large quantities of cold data and archive data long term in the cloud, or retrieving any of that archived data until now. There is a reason that many organizations are now starting to question their decision to store large quantities of cold and archive data in the cloud long term.

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Why We Love to DASH (And You Should, Too!)

Post by Brian Mitchell (thank you)

Nobody likes slow backups.

Take, for example, “Synthetic Full” backups. This type of backup allows for the creation of a new “full” backup image by combining a previous full backup with the associated incremental backups – essentially implementing an “Incremental Forever” strategy.

Generally speaking, a synthetic full means less time is needed to perform a backup and system restore times are reduced.

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DR options of VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP)

Post by Vladan Seget (thank you)

In the past I have received few questions on VDP resiliency. Users usually like the “appliance” approach when it comes to backup software, but they want to be sure that they can take steps to get back in business if something gets wrong. Many things can happen to a VM don’t you think?

In addition, if you’re running your vCenter as a VM, I’ll also discuss an option when even if vCenter is unavailable, you can still use VDP to restore a VM from the backup repository.

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Using Tivoli Storage Manager to back up and recover a DB2 database

Good post by Bharat Vyas and Deepa Vyas (thank you)


IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is a software product that addresses the challenges of complex storage management across distributed environments. This product protects and manages a broad range of data, from the workstation to the corporate server environment. IBM DB2 is a family of relational database management system (RDBMS) products. The DB2 database includes a data dictionary or a set of system tables that describe the logical and physical structure of the data. DB2 provides self-tuning capabilities, and dynamic adjustment and tuning.

This article first reviews concepts and considerations. It explains how to install and configure the Tivoli Storage Manager backup-archive client, and provides step-by-step instructions and techniques that show you how to back up and restore data on a Tivoli Storage Manager server for the DB2 database.

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